A tiny 8.9MM thin, a beautiful, bold design and a sharp 4.7 Inch HD touch screen standing proudly on the front, it can only be the new HTC One X.

With what could be called the best processor currently out at the moment, this phone is packing a monstrous 1.5Hz Quad Core Processor, designed to add power to an already amazing phone this processor ensures that whatever it is you are doing, wether it is browsing the internet, loading pages, taking a photo or just using something simple like the calendar, you will not have to wait for anything and you can just get things done. 

This mobile does not just offer an amazing processor for speed, but it also features the amazement that is the Android Operating System. With the Android Market this mobile offers entertainment by the bucket load in the form of Games, Apps, Books and Movies so there selection is incredible and there really is something for everyone. With regular updates there is always something new on the Android Market so if you get bored easily you can go back and download plenty more things. 

Android also features a handful more special features, including Android Beam, that allows you to wirelessly share videos, images, web pages, contacts whatever it is you would want to share with another NFC Enabled device. Then there is the voice typing, allowing you to use your voice to command your mobile. Just tell it what to do and your Android mobile listens. 

Then there is also HTC Sense crammed into this mobile phones. HTC Sense offers even more fantastic features to make your life easier and to add to a more enjoyable mobile experience. Ever get a call and because your phone is deep down in the bottom of your bag you do not hear it so you miss it? Well HTC Sense knows when your phone is hidden and rings even louder so you hear it and do not miss the call, Clever!


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